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The Pink Newspaper

A prised copy of 'The Pink', Coventry City's fan newspaper, celebrating an FA cup win. It is more common to frame only the front page of a newspaper, or just a single article, but this time, the whole paper is special and wanted preserving as well as displaying, so it has been framed in its entirety and glazed both sides so the front and back can be viewed. The paper appears to float in the aperture, allowing the unevenness of the edges to be viewed.

The mount, appropriately for Coventry City, is light blue and the frame painted black. UV protective glass has been used to prevent the paper fading.

GER Handbill

One for the railway enthusiasts. This genuine GER handbill is not in perfect condition. The top righthand corner has been torn off completely and the lower right hand corner has been partially torn off. There is also some damage to the lower left corner of the pretty border, this is more noticeable in the photo of the reverse side below (where the damage is on the left hand side of the border).

The handbill has been encapsulated between 2 sheets of polyester film which keeps the damaged pieces in place and protects the paper from further damage. The handbill is then mounted and glazed on both sides and framed to allow viewing of both the front and the back of the document. 

The photo of the reverse shows much better the lovely design and colours of the handbill

Five Pound Notes

For reasons best known to the client, he wanted old and new five pound notes to be framed!

The have been encapsulated between mylin film, and held in place with back-to-back mount before being framed with glass both sides so that the notes can be viewed front and back.

Japanese Lady

This beautiful picture is not what it first seems. At over a metre tall, it is actually a type of marquetry, probably in bamboo, not a painting at all. The image is on a black velvet background, which after cleaning, has a wonderful dark depth. The original mount was in good condition and retained, I only replaced the tired old frame with a neat black, flat profile moulding.

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Framed pictures may be photographed and displayed on this or another website or on social media.

Personal details , emails, telephone numbers and addresses gathered by Effeljay will be stored electronically and used  for framing business only. They will not be  processed in any way nor passed on to third parties.

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