General framing gallery

Butterfly girl

This is an amazing picture by a young artist. If you look carefully, there is a girl in there!
Richly mounted in sepia with a washed effect frame, the undermount of soft white lifts the picture away from the mount.
Artist: Luke Ibotson.
Mount: Sepia with soft white undermount.
Frame: Washed charcoal, spoon profile.


Whatever your qualification, be proud of it and display it well. This one is classically framed in a mahogany moulding with a gold sightline. The colour of the undermount which gives the certificate a neat border, has been chosen to match the colours of the crest.
Mount: Oyster with beaujolais undermount.
Frame: Mahogany colour, cushion profile with gold sightline.

Moulin Rouge

This modern print on canvas was designed not to be framed at all, but the owner felt it looked unfinished. It has been shadow framed in white so that the frame over which the canvas has been stretched sits in a white tray with a small gap all round between the canvas and the frame. However neat the canvas stretching, I agree with the owner - it does look better with a frame.

Rhino beware

The mount on this picture comprises a green painted deep bevel with a gold mount fillet separating it from the antique white top mount. The whole thing is framed in a distressed green moulding with a gold sightline. The mount was made to match another one already owned by the client.
Artist: David Shepherd, limited edition print.
Mount: Deep bevel undermount painted green, top mount - antique white.
Frame: Distressed green with gold sightline.

Figure in life class

The distressed look of this frame compliments the style of the artist for this life drawing.
Artist: Jane Elliot.
Frame: Distressed off white.


The colours in the painting are duplicated in the mount and frame - the mount at the light end of the range and the frame at the darker end. The mount bevel has been painted black to delineate the picture. The normal white bevel would have looked wrong because there is no white in the picture.
Artist: Egon Schieve.
Mount: Putty.
Frame: Washed charcoal spoon profile.

Grand prix map

The main picture is a map of the first French Grand Prix, surrounded by 24 photographs of places along the route. No problem if you're lucky enough to have a computerised mount cutter - but I haven't!
I like a challenge.
Mount: Off white.
Frame: Black painted, flat profile.


Unusually this picture has a black mount and a black frame.
Artist: Unknown.
Mount: Charcoal, black core.
Frame: Black painted, flat profile.


The photograph shows only a portion of the complete picture. In all there were 7 photos in a line, a wide, narrow composition. The client actually had another 7 photos framed identically, hung together they made quite an impact.
Mount: Soft white.
Frame: Black painted, flat profile.

Lou Reed poster

This poster is quite badly wrinkled and damaged with pieces missing, especially from the right hand edge and corner. By carefully choosing the mount to match the skin tones of the face, the damage is still visible, no one is being deceived, but neither do they shout at you.
Mount: Barley.
Frame: Natural oak, flat profile.

Tree of life

A double mount has been used to enhance this Tree of Life. The black undermount gives a frame to the picture while the white bevel of the top mount lifts the whole thing.
Artist: Gustav Klimt.
Mount: Undermount - charcoal with black core. Top mount - Buff
Frame: Black painted, flat profile.

Augustus the Tiger

Using a top mount to match the base colour of the print and an undermount matching one of the leaf shades has given this tiger a defined border without introducing any other colours to the picture. Finished off with a simple black frame, the effect is neat and stylish.

Artist: Catherine Raynor.

Top mount: Snow white.

Undermount: Forest green.

Frame: Matt black painted, flat profile.


'Conception' by N Hulstone (2014) is an oil on canvas abstract painting, framed in a dark brown, almost black, painted, cushion profile moulding, with a silver/red mountslip inserted along the sightline.

The silver of the mountslip reflects the bright highlights in the painting and lifts the artwork visually out of the frame. 

Cor Tenebrae

'Cor Tenebrae' (Heart of Darkness), by N Hulstone (2104).

Another abstract piece by the same artist as above. This time, the primarily black/grey/silver/white painting has been framed in a pewter coloured moulding. The photograph shows up the textures created by the artist to good effect.

Bridge Street

This oil on canvas by Crispin Heesom has been framed in 2 tones of grey and is actually made up of 2 frames. The inner frame, being paler, give the picture more space, in the same way as a mount does for a watercolour. The outer frame is darker and visually frames the picture.

Artist: Crispin Heesom, oil on canvas.

Frame: Hand painted 2 tones of grey.


A beautiful pastel portrait of a golden retriever.

The slate coloured mount, warm white under-mount highlighting the picture and a pale frame really set the picture off to a tee.

Personally, I find drawings on coloured paper harder to imagine in a mount, but with care and some investment of time, when you find the right one you just know it!

Artist: Fiona Dale.

Mount: Slate with oyster under-mount.

Frame: Ash, flat profile, hand painted light grey.

Beverley Minster

An old photograph of Beverley Minster which really highlights the tallness of the building, those long columns reaching up to the vaulted ceiling. How did they build these buildings?

For framing purposes, a double mount of pearl under granite was chosen. The dimensions of the mount are not the usual proportions, having the sides slightly wider than the top and bottom so that the final picture was not too long and narrow.

The frame is a slightly shiny pewter colour, its strong moulding shape echoing the strong lines of the minster columns.

Photographer: Unknown.

Mount: Granite with pearl under-mount.

Frame: Pewter.

Beatrix Potter inspired watercolours

These two pictures painted show unmistakable Beatrix Potter characters, beautifully painted in watercolour.
When brought to me, the frames and mounts were showng their age, but their sentimental value made it worth remounting and framing them to restore their former glory.

Artist: Janice Protheroe.
Mount: Blossom.
Frame: Gold painted, flat profile.


A lovely rural scene in watercolour. Framed in an elegant grey/blue moulding with double gold sight-lines, enhanced by a double mount in matching shade of grey/blue.

Artist: Geoffery Day.
Mount: Off white with blubell under mount.
Frame: Blue/grey with gold sight-lines.


A digitised photograph of a pair of horses. The dove grey under-mount softens the contrast between the dark background of the picture and the soft white mount while giving it a definite border at the same time. The frame is dark green complementing the rich colours of the horses.

Photographer: Matthew Roberts .

Mount: Dove grey under soft white.

Frame: Dark green with black detail at outer edge.


Inspired by fence posts by a road, the picture on the left is a working sketch for the larger, coloured picture on the right.

Artist: John Bendall.

Mount (sketch): Clearwater with Oxford bluse undremount.

Frame (sketch): Blue painted with dark blue outer edge.

Mount (colour picture): Cream ingres

Frame (colour picture): Pale green with off white sight-line.


Another abstract, this time inspired by dancers - the jumble of bodies, arm and legs give a sense of a fast paced acrobatic style of dance.

Artist: William Shand.

Mount: Cream double mount.

Frame: Blue painted with dark blue outer edge.

African Girl

This picture of a beautiful, elegant African girl bedecked with beads is enhanced with a frame made from two colours of the same style of moulding, picking out two colours of the beads she is wearing.

The picture is painted on a slightly speckled fabric with plenty of space round it and with nice clean edges so it hasn't been given the usual window mount - it just doesn't need it!

Blue Trees

Strangely, in spite of the title of this drawing 'Blue Trees' the artist liked green to frame it! Who am I to argue? It works!

Artist: Fiona Dale.

Mount: Pastel green.

Frame: Green with off white sight lines.


For me, it is the ears of this young cow which are so endearing. Anne's pen and watercolour paintings always give the subject such character.

Artist: Anne Gilbert.

Mount: Soft white.

Frame: Natural oak, flat profile.

Broken Tree

The soft colours of this water colour require gentle handling.

Artist: Jane Paige.

Mount: Soft white.

Frame: Hand limed, natural ash, cushion profile.

Protea Nerufolia

This is just one of three large prints all framed the same to make a stunning collection.
Artist: W. Thomas.
Mount: Soft white.
Frame: Champaign foiled, reverse profile.

Sleeping Head

This is a small picture has been placed into a large frame to make a statement.
Artist: Luke Ibotson.
Mount: Soft white.
Frame: Natural obeche, reverse profile.


'Megan' drawn in pastels on honey coloured paper. Perfect for a golden retriever.

Artist: Fiona Dale.

Mount: Champagne.

Frame: Grey distressed paint.

Peterborough Print

This old print of Peterborough has been framed with a industrial looking moulding. The frame is actually made of wood, but has been moulded and painted to look like old iron.

Mount: Beige.

Frame: Painted as 'aged steel'.

I don't actually know where this farm is, but the owner of the picture thinks it is in the USA somewhere.

Kentish Farm

I don't know where this farm is, but since the artist, Rowland Hilder, painted a lot in the Kent area, I'm guessing it is down there somewhere. Mounted in a gentle champaign colour it is framed in a rustic black and gold moulding bringing out the colours of the winter trees. 


This painting by David Deakins is framed in a subtle grey/silver reflecting the calm, shiny water.


This iconic picture by the master of posters Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, is actually an advert for the newly invented paper confetti! Mounted is a warm putty colour, leaving a clean white boarder round the print it is finished off in a strong dark brown moulding.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

The colours and style of this painting beautifully capture the essence of a dream catcher.

Artist: Unknown.

Mount: Soft white.

Frame: Green/gold.

Pont de Vecchio

A detailed ink drawing of the Pont de Vecchio in Florence. No need to pretty it up.

Artist: Giuseppe Capineri.

Mount: Soft white

Frame: Natural oak, flat profile.

The first Battle of Omdurman

This print of the First Battle of Omdurman in 1898 produced by G.W. Bacon had an interesting description pasted to old wooden backing of the picture.

The print was re-framed in a sand coloured moulding with a hand painted grey bevel sight-line. The description was carefully removed from the wood and attached to the new backing

This print of the First Battle of Omdurman in 1898 produced by G.W. Bacon had an interesting description pasted to old wooden backing of the picture.

The print was re-framed in a sand coloured moulding with a hand painted grey bevel sight-line. The description was carefully removed from the wood and attached to the new backing

Landscape photo

This slightly brooding landscape photo is by Rob Hutchinson.

The top mount is warm ivory with an under mount of granite to give the photo a border.

The frame is wood painted in grey then wire brushed to give it an aged effect and really show the grain of the wood.

The frame could have been overpowering, but the wide mount has given the picture plenty of space so it seems almost as isolated as the view itself!


The bright, zingycolours of autumn are spectacularly framed in shiny gold. Wow!

Artist : Evette Halewood


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