27 Nov 2018

 One of the master of posters famous images, advertising the newly invented paper form of confetti. The mount is a warm putty colour and the frame, although narrow, is a strong brown which gives the whole thing substance.

25 Nov 2018

A double sided frame, the main picture, an old map of Norfolk and the reverse a document describing the county. The eagle eyed among you will notice that they are orientated differently, one landscape and one portrait. Just another little matter to deal with in the des...

21 Nov 2018

 Now, here's a good idea!

This colourful board game looks great on a child's wall, but they still want to play it. 

No problem. The dice and counters are safely stored behind the deep frame, just unhook it from the wall and play away. No more folding/unfolding of the boa...

16 Nov 2018

This picture is by Rowland Hilden - that I do know, but where is it? That I don't know, but Rowland Hilden painted a lot in the Kent area, so I'm guessing that is where this lovely old farm is, or perhaps was.

The mount is a soft champaign colour and the rustic black an...

6 Nov 2018

This cute little duckling meeting his first goose was the prize in a little competition I ran at last year's Kings Cliffe Transition Christmas Fair.

 This year I will be using another of Anne Gilbert's lovely prints as a prize. 

Come and see what it is at Kings Clif...

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