Pet protrait

December 28, 2017

 We all love our pets and portraits of them are popular subjects. Perhaps some one gave you a picture of your pet for Christmas?  Get it professionally framed to bring out the best in the picture and preserve it for years to come.

This perky little lady has been captured in pastels by artist Peter Kemp, mounted in soft white and finished off with a flat ash frame which has been hand painted in a blue/grey then limewashed to bring out the wood's grain.


 Not all pets are dogs of course! This beautiful digitised photograph of a pair of horses has been reframed as a special memento, as one of the horses is sadly no longer galloping around his field.

The picture has a double mount, dove grey under soft white which softens the contrast between the light mount and the dark background of the picture, while at the same time delineating the picture from the mount. The dark green frame provides a good contrast with the pale mount and is more enriching than a standard black frame would be.


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