Planning a wedding?

February 15, 2018

Spring is in the air today and the wedding season is almost upon us. Such special days can be celebrated and remembered with a 'memory box'. Whether you are planning a wedding for the coming spring/summer, or your wedding was some time ago and you have a shoe-box full of mementos under the bed, you can create a unique memory box to display your treasures.

 This wedding display includes an invitation, order of service, a piece of the veil, jewellery, a garter and confetti as well as an array of photos. Other items which could be displayed include silk flowers, a table decoration, place setting card, the groom's tie/handkerchief, a champaign cork, any special card or good luck gift (e.g. a horseshoe or silver coin,) even one of the bride's shoes! 

 Handy hint - if you are still planning your wedding, appoint someone to collect as many mementos as possible on the day, as you will be far too busy to do it!


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