Christmas is coming!

October 16, 2019

Many people have started thinking about Christmas presents, if you haven't maybe you should, for all sorts of reasons! A thoughtful present of small value is much better that a last minute expensive present. A happy recipient is so much more rewarding than someone whose face falls at yet another Santa jumper - you get my drift.


Why not give a picture?


It could be any sort of picture: a print by a favourite artist; something drawn by a grandchild; photos of family members;

something you have painted yourself, there are many options.


Of course, any picture or object is best if well framed, so now is a good time to get organised and pop along to your local framer to ensure that the gift is ready in time for the big day.


As an alternative, you could offer to frame (or reframe) an existing picture or memorabilia as a gift - give a voucher specifically for the purpose. This is especially useful for friends or relatives you won't be seeing over the Christmas period, and a reframed picture brings a whole new lease of life to a much loved item.

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Framed pictures may be photographed and displayed on this or another website or on social media.

Personal details , emails, telephone numbers and addresses gathered by Effeljay will be stored electronically and used  for framing business only. They will not be  processed in any way nor passed on to third parties.

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