Textile framing gallery

Bobbin Lace

A bobbin lace sample.
The lace has been stitched on to blue fabric which has in turn been stretched over a backing board. The whole thing has then been mounted and framed.
Worked by Heather Nurse.
Mount: Soft white (2000 micron)
Frame: Blue gloss painted, cushion profile.

Tapestry Firescren

This picture has been made from an old firescreen.
The tapestry has been stretched and given a double mount to give a nice edge to the design.
Artist: Unknown.
Mount: Forest green under oyster.
Frame: Natural ash, flat profile.

Cross-stitch for a child

A charming cross-stitch for a child's bedroom. I hope young Oliver enjoys it!
Worked by: Angela Swann.
Mount: Laurel.
Frame: Cream painted, flat profile.

Flower Girl

Hand worked in bobbin lace, this flower girl is framed with an oval aperture cut into a soft white mount and framed in a rich mahogany classic moulding.

Worked by Heather Nurse.

Mount: Soft white.

Frame: Classic mahogany cushion profile.

J Embroidery

A bit of glamour for this finely worked 'J' initial. The oval cut gold mount and gold frame enhance the beautiful colours used int eh embroidery.

Worked by: Janet Grey

Mount: Gold lustre.

Frame: Classic gold painted.

Chicken tapestry

Farmyard chickens! Delightful picture worked by Sian Fox.

Mount: Pastel green.

Frame: Natural oak, reverse profile.


This fish has been worked in gold thread on velvet.
It has been padded as it has been stretched making it stand slightly proud of its mount. The client did not want it glazed because the texture of the velvet could not be appreciated, but the triple frame gives it enough depth to allow glazing later if desired.
Worked by Heather Nurse.
Mount: Soft white.
Frame: Navy blue hand painted outer frame, wide cushion profile, with hand painted white and navy inner frames of flat profile to give definition and depth.

Pekanese tapestry

A lot of work went into creating these three chaps. Worth preserving.

Mount: Dove grey.

Frame: Obeche cushion profile, hand stained in walnut.


When disassembled, this was unexpectedly two pieces of embroidery sewn together. Its old mount and frame were no longer suitable and had allowed the embroidery to get dirty and faded.

Just a bit of light dusting and a new mount has brought it back to life. The mount, embroidery and protective backing  were assembled into a package with UV protective glass to prevent dirt getting in and further fading. The whole package was then placed back into the original, cleaned, frame and will look good for years.

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Framed pictures may be photographed and displayed on this or another website or on social media.

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